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Experience with American Airlines | July 21, 2009

So, I made it to my destination. 

The first leg of the trip was uneventful, except for when I realized that I was at the wrong terminal for my connecting flight.  I had to get on a sky-train and go to another terminal and arrived just in time for boarding.  I’d mis-read my boarding pass and thought we’d be boarding at the printed time, so I was in a hurry because I thought I was running late. Who am I to think they’d start boarding 20 minutes after the fact?  Once I realized there was no need to be running through the airport, I slowed it down, got a coffee and took my time. 

I have no problem with using the people mover/horizontalator thing (as opposed to “escalator”) rather than walking.  But one thing I wonder is why people walk on them when the whole point of using them is so that you don’t have to walk.  Then, they get mad because you’re using it the way it’s supposed to be utilized, by standing still and letting it move you.    Sometimes there are stairs next to escalators, and sometimes there aren’t.  In the latter case, I can see why some people would  use escalators as stairs rather than standing still.  But not on horizontal people movers because you have all this un-moving floor space to walk on while the people mover is, maybe, 5′ wide.  Save it for those who don’t want to walk!  I hate humans.

So, I board and since my companion wasn’t there another person was seated next to me.  He was a man, bald, in a suit and traveling with a woman and a young boy.  He held what I assume was a laptop bag on his lap and never buckled up. I ignored him until right before take-off when he moved to the row behind us, which was empty.  Good, now I had a whole row to myself.  I’d also slipped my seatbelt extender from the first flight into my carry-on so I wouldn’t have to ask for another.  I got on the plane, buckled up and ready to go in less than 5 minutes.  Also, I kept my seatbelt extender for use on the way back. It’s not like I’m stealing it because I’ll leave it on the last plane once I am home.  I just want to keep it to speed up my boarding process.

My ride from the airport met me at baggage claim and we were out of there in 10 minutes.  It was a good flight and I hope my return trip goes just as well.


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