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Who is Uppity Fat Chick | July 14, 2009

I am fat.

I am not rubenesque, zaftig, voluptuous, pleasingly plump, fluffy, thick, big-boned, full-figured, or even a “BBW“. I have nothing against women who use these words to describe their bodies, but I am not any of the euphemisms that many fat woman adopt to portray themselves as personable to others. I carry my weight exceptionally well but I am still fat. I believe that sugar-coating my fatness with a euphemism puts too much focus on my body. I am a woman of many talents who just happens to be fat and being fat is not all that encompasses me. The other words are crutches that I don’t need.

When someone thinks they’re insulting me, they don’t scream, “YOU PLEASINGLY PLUMP, BITCH!” No, they call me a fat bitch.

I enjoy a multitude of activities that someone my size socially should not. I love to walk, and sometimes I even break into a jog. Swimming is a joy and I have no shame in putting on a suit to do something that pleases me. I dance-belly, and hip hop styles-and while I’ve matured from my club-hopping days I’ll tear up a dance floor at any given chance. My size has nothing to do with my activity level.

So why should it matter to anyone else? The fact is that it does. Society and the medical world has erroneously burned into most people’s minds that fat people are not acceptable, that we are the image of laziness and sloth, undeserving of full and happy lives. It’s society’s double-standard: fat people have no right swimming, dancing or partaking in activities that require confidence and promote health, nor do we have any right to be fat.

So which is it? Can our activities reflect a healthy lifestyle without our bodies being a factor? Of course it can, and my belief in this is what makes me uppity. How dare I believe that my large thighs and fleshy mid-section have no bearing on who I am and what I can achieve! What nerve I have to not be a fat woman who is the image of what most people think fat women should be-dumpy, sad, lonely, socially inept, or just down right pathetic.

I am Uppity Fat Chick and this is my blog. It will be a body positive, sex positive, fat friendly, feminist, diversely receptive space to air out my complaints with a fat phobic, size zero obsessed, male dominated world.



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